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​ concept

Feel free to stop by and have a quick meal

With the concept of a petite luxury yakiniku restaurant,

Equipped with a yakiniku stove for one person only.

Families are also welcome. Various kinds of set meals at a reasonable price from 980 yen!

All-you-can-eat rice freshly ground from brown rice for lunch only.

​ In addition, takeout is also available, such as kalbi rice bowls smoked with homemade sauce unique to yakiniku restaurants!


Set meal menu


Yakiniku set meal

Our most popular set meal.
We offer a variety of kalbi
​ Reasonably priced
It has become a standard. ​


980 yen(1,078 yen including tax)

Tonkaru biharami set meal

Short rib set meal


1,280Circle(1,408 yen including tax)

​Popular 5 kinds set meal


1,180Circle(1,298 yen including tax)

Skirt steak set meal


1,680Circle(1,848 yen including tax)

​Kalbi set meal


980Circle(1,078 yen including tax)

Ladies set meal


980Circle(1,078 yen including tax)

​Popular 3 kinds of set meal


1,380Circle(1,518 yen including tax)

Mega set meal


980Circle(1,078 yen including tax)

​Harami 3 brothers set meal

880Circle(968 yen including tax)




1,480Circle(1,628 yen including tax)

​Children's set meal


480Circle(528 yen including tax)

​Other menu

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