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Our five commitments


Founded in 1902, "Kuraminya" has been serving meat for over 100 years. Raiminya has 5 commitments, and they are demonstrating originality that no other restaurant has.

Everything from rice to rice is finished with skill. Each piece of meat is carefully hand-cut every day in the store, so you can enjoy fresh and safe meat on the spot at a reasonable price.

​ Yakiniku Hormone Kutamiya will deliver meat to everyone, evolving day by day to make you want to come again.



On the 1st floor of the Kurenai Hotel, there is a large parking lot that faces and is easy to park.

Inside the store,Complete safety measuresWe have prepared alcohol spray, temperature measurement when entering the store, staff masks, and a wide seat even with social distancing. There are more than 100 seats in all seats, and there are tables for groups of 30 people or more for family and company use.

Thank you. And our store's best

``You can pour alcohol at the tabletop'' Each table is connected to a server for lemon sour, which is a hot topic right now."0 second lemon sour"But you can also enjoy it at our store.

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