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Consulting business

We are working to improve store power through human resource development
Overcoming difficult times, we have accumulated trust and achievements for 110 years since our founding.
For customers who want to open a yakiniku restaurant in addition to their own know-how
From the desire to serve a prosperous store by providing
[Yakiniku restaurant opening support consulting business] was launched.

Thoroughly put the site first principle, original
We are creating "K (Kutamiya) Curriculum".
We have established a comprehensive training and acceptance system.
Even if you have no experience in the food and beverage industry, don't worry, we welcome you.
Follow an easy-to-understand education and training program
​ Professionals on site will guide you carefully with enthusiasm.


​On-site professional one-on-one guidance!!

From professionals who have entered the site and are working
We will give a one-on-one lecture on technology.
Thanks to this, even those who have never been involved in cooking
In a few weeks, you can grow to a place where you can work!!
In fact, we have a track record of training inexperienced people.
​ Even beginners can take on the challenge with confidence.



At Kutamiya, a thriving yakiniku restaurant that has been in business for 110 years
Yakiniku professionals will teach you the know-how of yakiniku.
From meat cutting and management to other cooking in general
From the basics of store management for yakiniku restaurants to sales promotions
You can learn all the ABCs.


Store training acceptance system


​ Teaching secret sauce!?

Almost all menus, including our secret sauce
From the recipe until then, I will teach you how I came to this recipe
And I will give a lecture.
Of course, outside of the recipe, you can also ask, “I want to make this kind of product.”
It is also possible to answer more and more and develop recipes together
You can hear all the secrets of that secret recipe
​This is a great opportunity.


​For customers who came to the site,
Of course ​ actually the atmosphere of the site and
You will also learn how to move and feel it.
Even after the start-up support period ends, of course, we will support you by phone, etc.
We will do it, so you can rest assured even after opening your own store!
​ Feel free to contact us anytime.


​ Work fun and carefully!!

​2021 Yakiniku Award Grand Prize
I have received the award
We are confident in our achievements.
In addition to experiencing the practical work of a yakiniku restaurant,
Our company has entered various fields
We look forward to your generous and generous support.

educational environment is good
From the first day, make a schedule for all schedules
I will teach you step-by-step and carefully.

Of course, not only practical
Effective method of sales promotion, store appearance, store interior design
Lectures from small things to big things
I will.

We also accept consultations, so
If you are even slightly interested, feel free to
​ We look forward to hearing from you.


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